Our Story

Our story is definitely not a typical one. We have significantly different backgrounds and so you could call it a miracle that we even met in the first place. There is however one thing that both of us have in common. Yes, you guessed it right, it is the passion for beer!

Let us briefly introduce ourselves:

Our first brewer, Bence, decided while studying Food Engineering in Budapest, Hungary that it would be a great idea to spend his Erasmus in Oulu, Finland. And in fact it turned out to be one! He made quite a few friends and fell in love with the Finnish weather (we know it might seem unbelievable but it really happened).

After returning to Budapest and graduating, he started collecting experience by working in several establishments. First at his home university, the Corvinus University of Budapest, as the head of the research brewery plant, then in Dreher Brewery and finally in Horizont Brewing where he fully set his foot to craft beer making. But something was still pulling him back to the North. So he ended up giving in and went. His beer journey didn´t conclude there though. Couple years later he and his friends created Craft Beer Pub Mallaskellari in Oulu. There he met Anna, our other brewer.

Anna, originally from Czechia, spent her summer of 2019 in Oulu participating in a Finnish language course. Although her studies were not related to beer in general at all, she's been enthusiastic about craft beer basically ever since. Sharing a flat with a passionate homebrewer got her interested also in the process of brewing itself. Visits to fascinating Czech microbreweries made her sure that beer making was the path she wanted to take. So naturally, when the opportunity of starting a brewery with Bence arose she grabbed it by its tail and didn´t let go.

And that's where our story ends...or begins?

Bence ja Anna - Nailo Brewing